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      中文版            Englsih
        Wenzhou Yonghong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is an  company which specializes in producing spunbondpolyester (PET) and polylactic acid (PLA)non-woven fabric ofC.L enterprise. It is located in the provincial Economic Development Zone, Ouhai Economic Development Zone, 4 kilometers from the center of the city, close to WenZhou Railway Station and passenger station, adjacent to the Mixc of Wenzhou, and the traffic is very convenient. The company has threeself-developedPET production lines,and our annual output can be more than 8000 tons. production specification:Gram weight range: 15-200GSM;Embossing parrern: diamond point;Width: 3.2m & 2.5m;Color: processing according to supply sample
        The polyester filament hot rolled spunbonded nonwoven fabric (PET) produced by our companyis high temperature resistancethe temperature can be 220°C, corrosion resistance and UV resistance. Water permeable and tensile strength is good. It has excellent performance in resistance to puncture and high flame